Friday, December 27, 2013

Eat At Frenchy's

Frenchy's Restaurant was on a road that led from my summer abode to Buffalo. It was close enough to my hosts' home that I could walk there with my sketching stuff and set up to draw. As you know if you see enough of my architectural drawings, I love porches with wood pillars and carved ornaments. This restaurant was built into an old house complete with porch and a rather shabby couch to sit on. 

I used my Graphos pen and also an instrument which I rarely if ever bring to an on-site sketching session: a ruler. If you look closer you will see that most of the longer lines were done against a ruler, which the Graphos pen allowed you to do. I miss that Graphos pen a lot and there's nothing quite like it on the market now. It had a flexible point so you could go from a tiny line to a bolder mark for instance when you were drawing tree trunks or heavier roof lines. But it also dropped a glob of ink without warning on your finely done drawing, which wasn't good at all. 

I never ate at Frenchy's so I have no idea whether the food was any good. I am sure that both restaurant and house are now history and some strip mall now occupies its place. 

Pelikan Graphos sepia ink, colored in watercolor on sketchbook page, some touching up with Photoshop. 8 1/2 x 7", August 1973. Click for larger view and ruler lines.