Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The plant area in my dorm room

In my sophomore year at Brandeis I lived in an old single-family house that had been converted into a dormitory for about 12 female students. I lived in the room that had once been a living room, with my art historian roommate, Amy. Even in this limited space, I had an indoor garden under a fluorescent purplish "grow light." This tiny garden was on top of an old foot locker trunk. There were a few sprouts in plastic pots, and a terrarium in an old aquarium. There are coleus sprouts in one of the pots, evident from the red leaves. You can see these items in this sketch which I did of my mini garden, helpfully dated with a date stamper. I had one of those adjustable date gadgets which I used in my journal for many years. I had that plant light for an astonishing forty years before it fell apart just a few years ago. I still have plant areas inside my dwelling including a light stand for my cacti, succulents, and african violets.

Colored pencil on sketchbook page, about 4" x 4", March 21, 1973.

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