Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stonehenge Con

At the last DarkoverCon, some fans built a Stonehenge trilithon in honor of those fans who created and ran the convention but are no longer in this world. The monument was made out of painted cardboard (at least I think so) and was surprisingly realistic, even though each piece could be lifted by a non-Obelix man. The persons crouching in front of the monument are not worshipping the gods of the Earth but tracing out a dress pattern on a piece of cloth.

This was the last DarkoverCon. There will be a new convention at its time and place next year. This will be "ChessieCon," named after a legendary sea monster who lives in the Chesapeake Bay. The management will be new but has experience in running conventions. There will be plenty to do, with costumes and music and art and fantasy writers. It may be better than Darkovercon has been over the last years. But it will not be the same. The mystical Red Sun of Darkover has set.

Pitt black technical pen on Moleskine sketchbook, about 5" x 5", December 1, 2013.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Actually the trilathon was for a marraige recomitmentceremony for Tom Atkinson and his husband Don. It was later also used for the memorial for Jayella etc.