Friday, December 20, 2013

Singeric the Goth

There really were "barbarians" who looked like Conan and all the wandering fantasy warriors of pulp literature. They were Goths but certainly nothing like the costumers and lifestylers we know as "Goths." These invaders were tribal societies of Indo-European peoples, moving into the Roman Empire from Eastern Europe. Aristocratic Romans looked down on them, but these barbarian tribes soon became mercenaries paid to protect Roman lands against still more invaders from the East. "Singeric" (a historical name) is my rendering of a Gothic warrior. He must have some rank as he is wearing a chain mail tunic and has bronze ornaments on his shield and sword sheath. The Romans disparaged the trousers worn by non-Roman tribesmen but eventually wore them themselves, as tights or hose in later Roman times. 

Pelikan Graphos sepia ink on sketchbook page, colored with watercolor, about 3 1/2" x 6", October 1973. Sorry for lack of fresh 2013 art in here but I am really busy distributing and promoting my wine art book these days.

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