Monday, December 16, 2013

More Byzantine Action 1973

Take a break from "Winter Wonderland" and "All I Want For Christmas is YOU" and gawk at my Byzantine doodles from 1973. Drawn in the sepia ink "old master"' wash drawing style, I just stacked characters and images without much thought to perspective or spacing. I threw in a muscleman as I always like to draw musclemen. There's a badly drawn lion, copied from some random critter photo. There's a fairly well-drawn Byzantine warrior. A somewhat agitated lady floats above center while another richly jeweled lady's hand projects from outside the frame. Finally there's a teenage boy standing there at the lower right wondering what this is all about. I don't do this type of stuff any more since I'm so busy drawing wine lodges and half-filled glasses. 

My wine book, "The Earthly Paradise," is selling well to friends, relatives, co-workers, and now to winery owners, wine-loving visitors, and my boss. I have placed wine books at two wineries and hope to place more this weekend. People love my book! I'm thrilled and hope that its attraction will continue after the holiday giving season is over. I have more plans for later marketing.

"Byzantine Action 2" is sepia ink and wash on sketchbook page, 8 1/4"x 11", September 1973. Cliquez for a larger view.

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