Friday, January 9, 2015

The Curious Case of Lamberto Fedeli, part 3

Brown and black ink on Bristol board, 4 1/2" x 4", January 9, 2015.


“Come clean or come and get me, you thieving degenerate shysters!”

Note: If you do not like or are offended by foul language, do not read this posting.

Lamberto took to the computer with dedication and endless energy. He repeatedly mailed any authority in Australia who he thought could help him in his crusade to get revenge on the lawyers and receive his $165,280.87. He wrote to politicians, members of Parliament, newspapers, journalists, TV news programs, lawyers from non-related courts. He wrote by paper mail as well, and even got replies; but they were the automated kind. “Thank you for your (letter, e-mail, phone call, fax). Your mail is important to us. We will get back to you in a maximum of three business days...” But of course they never got back to him. His daily e-mails (hoping perhaps that quantity and insistence might get him some real replies) were, sooner or later, blocked by the recipients. Sometimes he would get an automated reply online, and he would cite it to prove that his e-mail had been received and read, not just blocked.

What did it mean that he never got a personal answer (except from private individuals like me who in vain tried to get him to remove us from his list)? To Fedeli, it didn’t mean that they were not only blocking him but completely ignoring him as a pest. The silence of the authorities meant that they were afraid of him. That if they were to take his side, they would be violating the Mafia-like solidarity of legal and political life in Australia, so they couldn’t help him and still stay in the organization! 

“Come clean or come and get me, you thieving degenerate shysters!”

As the years of the 20s passed into the 201’s, Lamberto must have realized that his campaign of mailings was getting him nowhere. While still sending out his mailings, he resorted to faxing his targets, thinking that they couldn’t block an actual piece of electronic printing. But of course they could, and did. Fedeli actually cited the fax numbers of his targets, encouraging his readers to send more faxes to them. So now I know the fax numbers of various Australian officials, though I have no idea who they are. 

Lamberto did some research and came up with an anti-corruption law from 1914, his new weapon against the thieving degenerate mafia of the government. He gleefully quoted this time and again in each round of messages:

“CRIMES ACT 1914 - SECT 43 
Attempting to pervert justice 
(1) A person commits an  offence if:  (a) the person attempts to obstruct, to prevent, to pervert or to defeat the course of justice in relation to a judicial power; and 
(b) the judicial power is the judicial power of  the Commonwealth. 
Penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years.”

Do you see, he said, THEY are the criminals, all of them, all in violation of the Crimes Act of 1914. Was anyone listening? It is now Lamberto Fedeli, whose last name means “Faithful” in Italian, who is exposing the corruption and wrong-doing of the Australian judiciary and by association, the entire government. And he continued to do so in round after round of mailings.

In this process, his original message morphed into a fascinating chain of rants, quotes, newspaper articles, advertisements, contact pages, political campaign leaflets, bizarre or grotesque photographs, and whatever would support his cause. Indeed, Fedeli’s mailings now resemble a blog, more than a campaign for justice. A blog from Hell, or at least Purgatory. His cause has become a ceaseless denunciation of corruption and misdeeds, wherever he can find them. The central theme remains, however. Everything Fedeli puts in his blog, is there because it can be compared to, or linked to, or investigated as the ORIGINAL CAUSE of the lawyers and judge who cheated him out of $165,280.87. Corruption in Australian politics? Scandals and embarrassments? Failure to prevent terrorist attacks? A baby taken and eaten by dingo dogs (This is an especially lurid and long-lasting Australian case from 1980)? ALL OF THESE are MINOR compared to the misdeeds of three lawyers and a district court judge in 1988 who defrauded an honest jeweler out of $168,280.87! 

I must say, as a side note, that Lamberto is not a nice old codger sitting on the porch with his laptop. He is an infinitely embittered old man, now aged 82, who has spent the last 28 years pursuing an impossible cause. He hates Jews, gays, feminist women, and anyone in authority. He believes in familiar conspiracy theories, denies global climate change, and may have had some contact with the Australian far right wing. His rants show a level of hate and rage that defies rational thought. 

Let us now turn, readers, to the words of Lamberto Fedeli himself. As the years go on and his frustration (and age) increase, his postings have gotten more florid, more vitriolic, and more profane, including many obscenities. I must say here that there is a cultural context to Lamberto Fedeli’s rants. He is from Rome, and he knows Roman dialect, and he almost certainly knows something about the ancient old tradition of Roman Italian invective. This kind of thing has been going on since the days of Petronius and Juvenal, and Fedeli is an inheritor of the style, which in the 19th century generated brilliant and nasty satirical poems in Roman dialect. So let us thank Roman/Italian culture for the literary output of Lamberto Fedeli. Here’s a nice long chunk of flaming text (all language as is without any correction) which covers most of his favorite themes. There are real names in this, quoted from my source.

“Jewdiciary vile damned race,  progenies of pimps & prostitutes, pederasts & pedophiles, throat cutters & pocket pinchers, fraudsters & opportunists,  manipulators of justice & protectors of the worst criminals, idolaters of drugs addicts ; bush rangers.(check their names in Google)  Going to court for justice  get robbed & if don't get robbed by a judge, you go broke by the  rapacity of solicitors. Open a fridge for a bottle of milk in a shop make you loose house & marriage. Going to court to recoup $49,745 worth of jewellery & I get robbed of interest & inflation of $165,280,87 cents & get $7,900 as compensation plus anger & stress let me had a cardiac arrest & forced to wear a defibrillators for the rest of my life. F*** you again bloody Peter Robert James 52 Victoria Street Grafton, Anthony John Gallagher 2 Robinson Ave Grafton, James W. Meehan, unknown  whereabouts, Chris Dalby, Grafton court house & the miserable scumbag of a district court judge, his whereabouts & name protected by their cohort of the high court of Australia
Go to complain to the authority &; they fob you  off with tergiversations & a lot of lies. We don't have any evidences that those individuals are or were legal practitioners. We don't have any evidences that You ever been in court. Asking if a judge is above the law, never get an answer, so he is above the law. Apply to high court of Australia; we will back to you as soon as possible. Never see or hear them again, f****** liars & miserable bastards. Call them sewer rats & never replay, so I was spot on, they are sewer rats.
I heard about a Jew law ( if true or fake I don't know) where a Jew can kill a Gentile (who is a Gentile anyways, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu) & nobody can judge him but God only in Judgment Day. If a Jew find some things & belong to a Gentile he can keep but if belong to a Jew he must return, a Jew can defraud a Gentile but not a Jew. So Adolf was right, he just reverse the Jew law. F*** the Jewdiciary. The judge who robbed me must be a Jew then. I start to believe that such law is true. Spread around, no one will be prosecuted, it’s a true story all documented. Lamberto Fedeli. Police commissioner & high court rats know my address & phone number.”

Here’s some more choice verbiage:

“Do I offend the sensitive ears of those scumbags in wig and paraphernalia? Bloody hypocrites bastards, they have the denials from John Hatzistergos about the existences of Anthony John Gallagher and Peter Robert James plus same denial by Steve Mark which were supply by me to the police commission. The registration as legal practitioner of both solicitors, plus the pre-dated court ledger of 1985, when the sheriff declaration was in 1988. The refusal of acknowledgement of my appearances in any courts. Those bastards should be locked up for ten years as the law say. How we can let those jackals out of their den? How they can be so cunning, how the law can't be changed and let those bastards pay the consequences of their crimes. Nick Xenophon chasing gay priests, milk pricing, poker machines, travel perks, police warning you about scams on internet, Liam Bartlett exposing a Nigerian scam but no one exposing those pack of hyenas. They are shit, they don't deserve any respect. They are scum, crap shit, mierda, merde and if you know shit in any other language, please let me know!
And call me an offensive nutcase but at least I'm honest and not a hypocrite and don't have a sick, distorted criminal mind as those scumbags have.  Have those scumbags any thing to say in their defenses? Any excuses to act in such way? The police officers " Oath of Office" says "without fear or favor" Bloody hell, they have to lick the judiciary's ass!

Come clean or come and get me you thieving degenerate shysters.

In a more recent posting, Lamberto seems to have given up on bleeping his profanity, and going full-ahead with his sulfurous prose:

“Do you hear the people singing the rebellious hymn against those marauding hordes of Jewdiciaries? Hope that they will soon hear the roar of the tsunami or the roar of avalanches of shit which will overwhelm & devastate their dens. I got proof that those marauding hordes of earthling scum did very wrong & that they were cretins,
an attorney & a commissioner deny the existences of two solicitors when they are registered as such. fake a court ledger & put figures next to existing figures, so even blind Freddy can see the numbers come from same hand. No acumen, not a single thoughts about honest officer in court, who can recall dates & avenues. What a fucking mess they create for themselves.
You are an earthling scum, as all the other sons of bitches of high & supreme courts, merde of the worse kind, a mother fucker an arse licker of James W. Meehan, how people can trust you is incomprehensible to me, for $165,280.87 cents you sold you integrity & honesty, if you ever have had one. You must got 100% of what your invested. $8.000? get back $16.000? Very expensive now. You didn't just fucked your ass but the ass of all of them, plus the ass of your staff.
Go and sue me if you can, fucking son of a bitch, to defecate such shit must be a bitch, this will circulate all over Grafton. making a false court ledger, which got not legs to stand up, fucking idiot.
A country of convict three hundred years have passed & still fucking conman you are
With shit smeared all over your face. I will make you sorry for what you have done. Engage some thugs & you will end up in jail.
Never thought that this was possible twenty years ago. Busy man. Use you head next time. I wasn't a cretin, never crossed my mind that the judiciaries were a gang of criminals.

Happen that I go to court for recoup some jewellery, and solicitor & judge keep the lot, $165.280.87 cents and give to the right owner, me, $7.900. Check Ian Steele declaration district court 1988 amount over $25.000. Peter James ledger 1985 $4.974.50 definitely not for a district court.
My claim was for $49.745.00. Inflation from $95 to $250 an ounce plus 8 years interest make $165.280.87. 

I report the rort and nobody listen. Report to police, same thing. Report to law makers & they tell me that am a dreamer, no such solicitors or judge. I insist & they tell me to desist.
I don't give up with the ignoring authorities & they ban, block & blacklist my messages. So I start a revenge attack to defame the solicitor, which already ban my entry in his mail box, with faxes. His fax machine now is out of order. I start to insult all NSW authorities from police commissioners, politicians, senators, attorney general, Queen representative governor, premiers present & past by emails & faxes. And all this scum of inhumanity doesn't react or give me any response. They must be all dead shit, no pride, moral, integrity, honor but just dead shit. And we are the cuddle of democracy?

What’s that....the “cuddle” of democracy? Does he mean “cradle?” All this makes me want to take the next plane to Australia. It’s summer there, too! 


After reading all this and my previous installments too, you no doubt have come to a very obvious conclusion. This man is a complete and utter nutcase. Sure, you’re right. 
As a famous quote has it: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” He might be a paranoid schizophrenic, or an obsessive-compulsive, or suffering from dementia. use language like Lamberto, he’s FUCKING HILARIOUS. This is the reason I don’t just block him as everyone else has. I want to see what the “earthling scum” and the “scumbags in wigs and paraphernalia” and the pack of hyenas and the thieving degenerates do next. 

Of course, for Lamberto, it can only end one way. He is an old man now and Nature will eventually take its course. All of the people involved have already either died or forgotten the whole thing. I don’t think anyone in Australia is as amused by it as I am. 

Another reason I don’t block him is rather personal. He reminds me of my late father. I had to listen to countless profanity-filled rants from my dad about culture, religion, politics, etc., the same thing over and over again. But my father, though obsessed with money, mercifully did not have to re-live the same small claims court case every day and night for 26 years. 

Now to solve the last problem. How in hell did Lamberto Fedeli, an Italian living in Australia, get my American e-mail address? It took a browser quirk to give me the solution. In “Safari,” if you hover the cursor above some words or e-mail addresses, it will give you a little pop-up on the screen that tells you more information about that address. 

I went to one of Fedeli’s e-mails and looked up all the names in his list. There I was, not by name but by my Yahoo account name. I put the cursor above it and out pops this: “Association Noantri.” NOANTRI! There was my answer but it takes a little explanation. As most of you know, I have an imaginary fantasy/science fiction world which I explore with writing, illustration art, and graphic sequential art. Some of this is up on my various web references including this blog. The world, and its people, is called “Noantri.”

I got that name from my memories of Rome, where I lived for three different years. (Lamberto was already in Australia, so I couldn’t have met him.) Remember my aside on Roman folk traditions. The district of Rome known as “Trastevere,” or “across the Tiber,” is the oldest district in the city. It is full of architectural and cultural treasures, not to mention great food. The people of Trastevere have a great sense of community. In Roman dialect, they call themselves “Noantri,” which comes from the standard Italian words “Noi altri,” or “We others.” I bet that Lamberto Fedeli either comes from Trastevere or has close associations with the place. Every year, in July, there is a  huge festival which takes up an entire boulevard in Trastevere, called the “Noantri” festival. It features street performers, vendors, food, music, religious processions, and all the marvelous revelry you expect from an ancient folkloric people and site.

Lamberto, when building his list, must have searched out “Noantri” on Google, or had someone else do it for him. The almighty search engine duly found me associated with Noantri, due to my imaginary world. My address was on the blog where “Noantri” was found, and thus got sucked into Lamberto Fedeli’s mailing list. Thanks Berto, for all the entertainment.

And so we leave our ranter in his cubbyhole in Sydney. There he types his rants to his readers, sometimes more than one a day, after all these years still hoping that someone will help him recover his (repeat after me) $165,280.87. If I were a billionaire, I would find it amusing to descend on his lair and simply write him a check for the whole thing. Or ten times the whole thing, if I moved a decimal point around. I couldn’t do anything about his earthling scum lawyers, though. As I am now, I could probably help him with the 87 cents.


Unknown said...

Earthling scum and all, these three posts were an awesome read! Thanks for taking the time to write it all down.

Mike said...

Quite the conclusion. :)
I liked your sketches, especially the last one.