Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Wine Paradise: 868 Estate

Well, it looks like the iMac is pretty much kaput, unless it's something I'm doing wrong or the keyboard wasn't charged correctly or whatever. Usually when a gadget goes wrong, it's my fault and I'd be just delighted if an expert came in and restored it to working order, but I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon. You see my drawing here thanks to my laptop and my digital camera. Since the scanner won't work with the inactive computer and I have no space to drag it into my art studio, I took a picture of my winery art for June 20 with my Canon point and shoot camera and then processed it in Photoshop. Came out pretty good for now.

I was solo wining this "Wine Saturday," because for family reasons my Wine Buddies could not attend. I visited the new winery (established 2013) "868 Estate," near Purcellville, Virginia. This place is so new that I didn't have it in my "Earthly Paradise" wine book because it hadn't opened yet when I published. The Estate is filled with fun and interesting buildings and attractions and even has a gourmet restaurant. I could draw for days here. The wine was excellent, specializing in white varieties. The drawing above is of an 1850s farmhouse, and the color sketch shows rows and rows of baby vines in the distance. They are just getting started but I definitely want to follow this one. 

On the way home from Wine Paradise, a violent thunderstorm exploded over the hills and I was fortunate enough to find a refuge from the storm at "Darya Kabob," a Persian restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, where the kabobs were very good but there was, of course, no wine.

Tech pen ink and colored pencil on sketchbook page, about 7" x 10", June 20, 2015. Clicquez for larger view.

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