Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Archangel Raphael progress

I'll show you a part of what I'm working on. This is the late-medieval-style extravaganza with angels and the Virgin Mary and My Little Pony (OK JUST KIDDING about that last one). The yellow guy is Archangel Raphael. Among other jobs, he is the angel of Healing and Medicine so I have him holding a bowl of chicken soup. OK then it's a mortar and pestle with magic herbs in it that glow pink. 

I'm done painting this image of Raphael and have moved on to the Virgin Mary. I can bring this to you and blogify because I am using a photograph here not a scanner. I am dismantling my iMac studio and am living here in Laptop and Acrylic Land, until my friend brings me the replacement computer.

Acrylic on hardboard, June 2015.

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