Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Mall IPaddery

As I may have said in my previous post, I'm not getting to post here every day due to computer problems. My iMac presented me with the white screen of nothing. It will sort of work if I coax it into "safe mode" but it isn't so hot on Photoshop. So I have moved to my other gadgets, my iPad and this laptop which is nicknamed "WineMac" for vineyard reasons. Instead of a vineyard drawing though, this is from Tysons Corner Mall, just a mile down the road from me, where you can buy anything but toilet paper. Come on, Tysons, I need toilet paper, not glitzy rhinestone cropped T-shirts or neon yellow and purple sneakers.So I sat at one of their rare tables and did this interior study of 50 shades of beige, without the milling crowd of mall walking consumers. The "Nespress" comes from a "Nespresso" coffee machine shop which tempted me with espresso ecstasy drawn from a tiny, non-ecological cup. Should I get one for my daily coffee jolt? It's kind of nice to go to Starbucks and actually be outside the workplace though. 

One of my best friends has offered to pass along her 3-year-old, functioning iMac to me while she gets a brand new one. This is a wonderful gesture but I have to wait a while for her to come home from California with this machine in tow. This will be at the end of this month so for now I will blogify with my iPad which is easy to connect with the laptop though the iTunes interface would confound a physicist, let alone me. You connect with a little rectangular icon, and somewhere it says "Apps," and then you look for the one you were using, but you need to first go to your app and export your work to iTunes as a JPEG, and then you look for it and hope it hasn't disappeared. Then I turn on my air fan because it's warm and sticky and I am getting the vapors and my laptop is too.

"ArtStudio" app on iPad, June 15, 2015. Is anyone besides Tristan reading this.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Hey, what am I chopped liver? Actually I totally understand and wonder if anyone other than you reads mine!