Friday, January 27, 2017

Golden Angel colored pencil version

You saw this golden angel rendered in Photoshop here some postings ago. Now I'm back with an all-analog, no digital version (except for scanning), done in colored pencils. I like this one  better than the first one. I have so many resources. I have four "studio sets" full of a variety of colors - sometimes more than 120 pencils in a set. And then I also have "field" sets where I put pencils in special portable caddies and drink wine while drawing at a winery. I guess you could say I'm an obsessive collector of markers and colored pencils. But I don't just look at them and not sharpen them. I use all the colored pencils I have, and this neat package will be part of my next on-site artistic endeavor. That is, if I don't use the iPad or the Cintiq. The Cintiq has not yet been tried on site. If I don't take the gadget, it's back to the colored pencils. Angels do not count as "on site."

Markers and colored pencils on sketchbook page, 8" x 4", January 2017.

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