Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Herald of the New Year

I've been drawing superheroes and costumes for superheroes ever since my early childhood, using crayon and colored pencil. Nothing much has changed, except that I've switched from crayons to the Cintiq. This costumed figure is "Lightningball," as I knew him when I designed him. To spare the modest slightly, I've re-named him "Lightning Rod," which isn't much better. The Legion of Superheroes had "Lightning Lad," "Lightning Lass," and "Lightning Lord," but I can't use them. My "Lightning Ball" had a velvety black bodysuit with gold trim and gold cape. He had three "rings" on his gloves and boots which concentrated the lightning force. His weapon, the lightning rod here used as a banner pole, could not only shoot bolts but collapse to a shorter staff weapon or fighting stick. The helmet is based on Renaissance parade armor. I don't have any "backstory" for Lightning Rod, at least at the moment. 

Having seen this so far, you can guess what my sketchbook journal theme is for 2017. I will be drawing and painting and coloring superheroes, their costumes, and other fantasy characters in comic book style. Most of them will be my own inventions but I might sneak some already existing characters in there too. I will use frames which is good practice. This one is colored in Photoshop but I will also offer up more "traditional" drawings in colored pencil and markers. There will also be geometrix accents on the pages. 

"Lightning Rod" is brown tech pen on sketchbook page, 5 1/2" x 8",colored in Photoshop,
January 4, 2017.

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