Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Spring Vineyard

I didn't get to do a color sketch at "Winding Road"  on Saturday so I did one on Sunday in the studio. This is from memory with a couple of glances at a photograph of the scene. This place is not an exact portrait of any specific place but it does accurately depict the colors and landscape of Markham, Virginia where the vineyards are. This is done in colored pencil including the lovely "Irojiten" pencils which I was raving about earlier this year. What other colored pencil set gives you three different sky blues ("Forget-me-not," "Celeste," and "Horizon,") and three of purplish cloud grey ("Campanula Blue," "Hydrangea Blue," and "Lupine"), a veritable garden of colors! However I had to add the browns and greys to the set as Irojiten doesn't give too many options on the earth tones. I also drew in the vines and stakes and tree trunks and branches with dark brown marker ink and I did a bit of spring green leafy buds with an opaque acrylic marker, one of the marvels of modern art-making stuff. Then I evened out some of the color with Photoshop. So I can't claim to be "spontaneous" or "true-to-life" but is that the purpose of art, to be like a photograph that is done with drawing or paint? Some artists might believe this but most don't.

Multi-media with colored pencil on sketchbook page, 7" x 4 1/2", April 9, 2017.

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