Saturday, April 1, 2017

Magneto X-men villain

"Magneto" is one of Marvel Comics' greatest and most memorable villains. He has been the enemy of the X-men and their leader Professor X for all of the time these characters and stories have been told. Magneto is a master mutant who has power over magnetism (must be hell on any computers near him). Unlike the peaceful Professor and his X-men, Magneto believes that superpowered mutants should dominate over "normal" humanity and rule the world. He has sired a number of mutant children, some of which follow him and others who are more sympathetic to the X-men.

In this portrait I've drawn Magneto as a fashion figure rather than the grossly over-muscled guy the Marvel artists draw. He's wearing an old-fashioned superhero leotard and tights and boots and cape though this is not the usual costume he wore. His colors were purple and red. My fan client also wanted to see his face and hair so I didn't put him in his famous and characteristic Ancient Greek helmet. This was published in a comics fanzine.

"Magneto" is ink on illustration board, 8" x 10", winter 1984.

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