Sunday, May 7, 2017

Baby Me Art 2: Spacecraft

Here's another drawing from Baby Me, about 3 years old maybe. The drawing looks like it might be a big spaceship, with a little rider astronaut at the top. Or it could be a car, it has headlights at upper right. The bent rectangular shapes on what is either the body or an airwing originally looked like a keyboard to me but I think they are architectural. It seems to be a mixture of animal and airplane. Remember that in the early 50s rockets, like me, were in their early youth.

This piece was drawn on what I believe was blue paper. This has faded to the grey you see here. With the techno-magic of Photoshop I restored the blue. But, alas, I cannot restore my youth. That's OK, I remember too much to want to do that. Here's the blue version:

"Spacecraft" is ink on blue paper, about 10" x 8", 1956

Blogapology for these weeks, no fresh art because I am working on a book cover for the Stasheffs.

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