Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stasheff "M'Lady Witch" cover art

My e-book "cover" for the re-release of Christopher Stasheff's "M'Lady Witch" has been done for some time but I finally got approval from my clients on the picture. This gives me permission to show it on this Blog. It's really an Art, not a By-Product but so there. The story is a romantic comedy set in a magical medieval kingdom. A pretty but socially inept Prince loves a beautiful young Witch, and she loves him too but in a rather arrogant and possessive way. In the book, each of them is tempted by other lovers and obstacles appear in the way of their love, and they must work hard and grow in insight to deserve True Love. In the picture the Witch rejects the love-offering of roses from the dorky Prince, because he has proposed to her in a rude and insulting way. In the background is the Tudor Palace seen earlier here, and the Kinkadian Gazebo symbolizing a wedding. The spring flowers are from the real world as this picture was done in April and May. And as always with the characters of this magical family, the black robot horse "Fess" keeps watch to make sure things turn out right.

Note the resemblance of the yellow-clad Prince to the Archangel Raphael in the Buard Diptych honoring my departed friend, in the posting before this one.

Photoshop on Cintiq, May 2017. Click for larger view.

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