Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dr. Who Fan Art 9: The Keys of Marinus

Doctor Who played by William Hartnell stands in front of a dodecahedronal computer that has directed the lives of its humanoid subjects for 2000 years, but has failed due to a violent attack. The machine can only be revived by finding five keys scattered over the primitive planet, and  uniting them to re-start the machine. (This was 1964, long before the age of floppy discs and lost operating systems.) The Doctor and his companions travel around the planet by a teleportation device from some lost technology, and in each of five episodes they retrieve one key, until they can escape while the computer falls into the hands of invaders and is destroyed by a false key. 

There must be some meaning to all this storytelling, but I just don't have the sacred calling to memorize it all. I used an old-fashioned inking style to do this illustration, a style I would later use in sequential art.

Original drawing is black ink on illustration board, 5 1/2" x 4", spring 1981.

I have FINALLY finished my book cover for the Stasheffs and once it is approved by the clients I can publish it here. 

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