Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mid-Century June Moodle

I haven't done a "Mid-Century Moodle" for a while but with my continuing work on the Archive I have reached the early 1960s where this geometric design was at its height. I didn't put in a  starscape or moon. I wanted to use shades of blue-purple-grey without my usual bright orange. And with two squares in the background and the network of straight lines forming polygonal shapes I could play with foreground, background, and layers. I could have made this more elaborate but decided not to. This visual improvisation was done while listening to one of my electronic composer friends improvising in his studio thousands of miles away.

Photoshop, about 9" x 4", June 2, 2018.

1 comment:

Texchanchan said...

Cool. I didn't even notice the two squares until I read about it. Optical effect. I like these.