Friday, June 8, 2018

The Lady at the Door

This Darkover picture illustrates a story, but I never made up the story and neither did anyone else, so feel free to imagine why the lady is standing by the castle door. Will she let you in? Say goodbye? Burst into tears and beg you to help her? I have often role-played with my art, making images that precede the text that it went with. Art doesn't have to play out in time the way a piece of music or a poem or a fictional text does. Well I suppose it could if you measured the artwork by what you focused your eyes on and how long you stayed at a part of the image. I ignore that kind of analysis, I just draw 'em and paint 'em and if you like it, good. 

Thanks, Tex, for your intelligent comments on this blog. The By-product was recently spammed by a Pakistani "escort" service so that may be why you had trouble accessing the Blog.

"The Lady at the Door" is ink and watercolor on orange paper, 9" x 11", November 2003. Click for a larger view.

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