Monday, June 4, 2018

Wine Tasting Caddy at Bluemont Vineyard

When you order a wine tasting at Bluemont Vineyard, they hand it to you in one of these metal caddies, unless you order the bigger version which is served traditionally by a wine server. The rustic rough metal construction, with a handle on the top, can hold six glasses, each one of which is loaded with a little bit of wine. The tasting comes with a printed card which you match up, read information about the wines, and then take the tasting sip. This is a clever way of saving the labor of wine servers in a crowded situation. I have never seen wine holders like this before and enjoyed using one at my visit to Bluemont. I wonder if they sell them.

Sepia brown tech pen on sketchbook page, 3 1/2" x 3", June 3, 2018. I would have drawn it looking at the one on my table but I was busy wine tasting. This was copied from a photograph of the tasting holder on the Bluemont website.

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