Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 The Year of Coffee

Happy New Year to my readers! You are invited to continue following the By-Product. The theme for this year, after 2018's "Clouds," is "Coffee." There will be many interpretations and domestic still lifes as well. The theme color for 2019 is "Espresso Brown," a deep warm reddish brown available as "Burnt Umber" or "Dark Umber." I am honoring all coffee beverages including the decaffeinated ones as I don't tolerate caffeine well. 

Coming up in 2019 - Inshallah (if God wills it) is not only still life drawings but the publication (privately financed without crowdsourcing) of "Virginia Under Vine," my second book of vineyard sketches. Later in the year I hope to work on and eventually publish "Geometrika," a book of my geometric abstract images, some of them with text.

And...there is always my epic graphic novel, "The Fiery Garden," starring Enlil the geo-wizard, which has been frozen for years. But Mount Etna is now erupting again, melting the ice, and I still know where the project is.

I would like my work to reach a wider audience. I am open to experimenting with social media (Instagram? I am already on Facebook) once I have a product at a reasonable size and price. 

Therefore let us proceed. Take a sip of the "Cosmic Cappuccino" and stay creative!

Photoshop digital composite, 9" x 4 1/2", December 2018.

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