Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Snowflake of Metatron

Winter is finally coming and I've brought out my 2003 sketchbook journal which has a lot of interesting images especially geometric and mathematical studies. 2003 was quite a year for me. I visited the Deep South and the wide-open Midwestern prairies. I also started work at Trader Joe's that fall. Some of the 2003 pictures you have already seen but some are as yet unreleased.

This one is a famous esoteric diagram called the "Cube of Metatron." There are many variations on it but they all feature an elaborate snowflake-style star. It could be a Jewish star but was used by non-Jews as well. The Angel Metatron, a personification of divine order and righteous rule, comes from Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism. I later used the Cube-Star of Metatron in a portrait of the Angel for a mystical art collector in 2012.

Upper image, black tech pen, 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", January 5, 2003. 
Lower image, Angel Metatron (cropped image) acrylic on hardboard, 2012. Click for larger views.

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