Monday, April 6, 2009

The building in back

This building may look rather shanty-like but it is actually in the middle of a fairly affluent town: Falls Church, Virginia. I drew it looking out the window of a doctor's office while I was waiting for an appointment. I will draw anywhere, as long as I have a sketchbook, no matter how drab or dull the subject matter. 

Diagnosis of my back and leg pain was sciatica, which is an occupational hazard of artists and those who sit bent over to do their work. I will be doing stretching exercises for it (this isn't the first time I've had it) and I have plenty of muscle relaxant and hi-power ibuprofen so I will be feeling no pain. 

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LauraJ said...

Chiropractors are good for simple mechanical troubles and they cured my sciatica fairly quickly.