Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pondside Retreat

This is a colored pencil sketch I did of one of the ponds at the retreat place I was at. I didn't have much time to do sketching, so this was about twenty minutes worth of work. The leaves were just coming in and were a brilliant shade of spring green in the sunlight. Two geese swim on the pond near a park bench. There was goose poop all over the grass. The sisters and staff consider them a nuisance and while I was there the maintenance people had to destroy a goose nest, with much noisy protest from the flock. Otherwise the place would be overrun with Canada geese. The domestic swan pair's nest, however, was cherished and protected, and the residents eagerly awaited the hatching of cygnets. 

I'll be away at Costumecon this weekend, so again I may not post anything till I come back.

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