Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lady Iris

Today I hope to go to Costumecon, in the Baltimore environs. I'll have a couple of costumes (or rather, interesting unique garments) that I'll wear, but I'm there to enjoy other people's costumes. I'll have my sketching stuff with me and my camera too. I love looking at costumes and designing them as well. I hope to re-connect with my costumer friends. This concept drawing probably dates from the late 1980s or early 90s, and is ink and watercolor, about 7" x 10". I was fascinated by irises in those years, and I wanted to make a lady's dress inspired by the petal forms of an iris. The costume was never made, though I showed it to some of my costumer friends. 

I probably will not post anything to "By-Products" until I return on Sunday night, so please be patient.


Mike said...

Have fun!

Tristan Alexander said...

It looks more like a Daffodyl! I love Irisis and they are Purple! I like th design, just think you got the color wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bearded Iris?

Have fun at the con.