Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Circle

It was "Earth Day" yesterday (April 22) but then, I think that every day should be Earth Day. I did this Earth about a year ago, in April 2008. It is one of my mathematical abstractions, where I meditate with color and shape upon some basic math concept. In this one, I place the trigonometric "Unit Circle" on the sphere of the Earth. The Unit Circle is used to demonstrate trigonometric functions, and its radius is one unit. I also mark the arc of a radian, which is a fractional measure of a circle used in calculus. This painting is 10" x 10", acrylic and markers on black-coated paper.

"Art By-Products" will be on a short hiatus while I am out of town, on religious retreat with my fellow members of the Order of St. Michael. Posting will resume next week.


Tristan Alexander said...

Yeah Earth! LOL, not alot I can say. Nice and something we should all cherrish.

emikk said...

any fibinacci numbers in this one?

Pyracantha said...

no, but I've got fractal clouds.