Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Iconic Wine is Trader Joe Icon

We're re-doing the decor for the wine and beer section at my Trader Joe's. While this is being done, the management requested a new sign to replace the old one at the stand where Charles Shaw wines are featured. "Charles Shaw" is the house wine at Trader Joe's, selling for 3.29 a bottle in Virginia but for about two dollars in California, hence the nickname "Two-Buck Chuck." Charles Shaw wines vary in quality. A couple of years ago, one of their efforts managed to win a prize at a prestigious wine competition - because the origins were concealed and no one knew what brand of wine they were tasting. This "mid-century" retro-styled billboard will only be up for a few weeks, before the Shaw is moved to a new location in the store.
Acrylic markers on black-painted Masonite, about 40" x 30".

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emikk said...

See what advantages we have here in CA, wine for $2.00!