Thursday, April 2, 2009

Castle of the Copper Towers

By the late 80s and early 90s, I was still producing Darkover pictures but I had stopped illustrating specific characters and moments from stories. Instead I produced "genre" and architectural paintings set in that world, which could be the backdrops for fantasies but which were not from any book or text. Many of my images were imitations of old Italian "capricci" or fantasy scenes, which were popular among rich aristocratic collectors in the 18th century. By this time, Marion Zimmer Bradley was in failing health and was producing books only with collaborators. The fan convention, "DarkoverCon," still went on, though, and I dutifully prepared handfuls of these paintings every year for the collectors who attended this event. They were not eighteenth-century nobles, however, except perhaps in their past-life memories.

"Castle of the Copper Towers," acrylic on illustration board. 11" x14", November 1992.


Mike said...

I'm a fan of all your Darkover art, but the colour and design in this one is especially nice.

Tristan Alexander said...

Your architectural (boy, I bet I really screwed up that spelling)work has always amazed me. Maybe the fact I am so bad with buildings is part of it but you do such a lovely job and give them such character. This is very nice, would love to own the place (the picture wouldn't be bad to have either).

Pyracantha said...

Tristan, you spelled "architectural" perfectly correctly.

If I get that new printer I could probably make a decent print of this for you. We've traded off art before.