Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alaric Morgan, Deryni Hero

The most heroic person in Katherine Kurtz' Deryni books is not the young king Kelson, but his protector, the noble knight Alaric Morgan. Tall, blonde, and swashbuckling, Morgan is the one who gets to clash swords and fight duels. Not only that, he has Deryni powers including the ability to heal people with a glowing touch. Katherine reserves her most adoring prose for him. She also loves to dress him up in medieval finery, described in elaborate, costumer's detail. These pieces are costume studies for Morgan, taken from descriptive passages in the books. The one at the top, done in 1991, is Morgan's court garb, and the one at the bottom, done in 1993, is a more everyday attire, complete with broadsword. Katherine is still writing about Morgan; her current Deryni books are about his childhood.

Court garb image is 7" x 10", ink and watercolor. Warrior garb image is 11" x 14, gouache on brown matboard. 

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Tristan Alexander said...

Da daa da, CAPTAIN Deryni to the rescue!! LOL

While very dramatic/theatrical I like the second picture.