Monday, June 8, 2009

StayCation Summer Guide

This is the "lobby poster" for Trader Joe's summer 2009 flyer. You saw the "flyer indicator" some postings ago. Some of you will get this Trader Joe's flyer in the mail. It's cleverly done but it reflects an unfortunate symptom of our economic times. That is, not everyone will be able to afford to go away somewhere nice for summer vacation. Those who are financially afflicted will have to stay where they are, and try to be content with a backyard grill and a spray from the garden hose. Or perhaps an exotic "desert" garden of cacti and succulents on an apartment terrace. But at least they will have Trader Joe's goodies from all over the world, to internationalize their stay-put-ness. 

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Tristan Alexander said...

needs people on the beach!