Saturday, June 20, 2009

Colored Pencil Forest

I am now well-set up for on-site art. I bought as many colored pencil shades of natural green as I could, and yet another loop holder book-size caddy to store them in. Then I sat at my studio table looking out the window, and drew these leafy trees. The color is as accurate as I could make it. I love drawing green trees. The patterns of branches and leaves are ever-different and every change in light or cloud changes the color range. The texture is challenging to render in pencil, especially when there are multiple layers which are not Photoshop layers, but fractalized bio-digital photosynthetic interface systems.


Tristan Alexander said...

HUH? Digital what how who?

Pyracantha said...

Hee hee Tristan....I was trying to use macho "cyber-scientific" gobbledygook, but there is a bit of sense to it...Tree leaves and branches do follow the pattern of "fractals," and their arrangement can be modeled digitally, hence "bio-digital." Photosynthetic, because that's what leaves do, photosynthesis. And "interface system" which sounds so cool is just a fancy way of saying, "sunlight collecting."
So, in real English, it means, "tree leaves."

emikk said...

good job, you are right, getting it to layer good is difficult, you nailed it tho.