Monday, June 15, 2009

The Big Barbecue

At the Tinner Hill Blues Festival there were a number of food vendors, cooking up "soul food" and barbecue and other tasty delights. When I saw this big black metal barbecue, I had to draw its picture. It looked like industrial steampunk gear but it also had mud and dirt on its undercarriage from many voyages into festival fields. The team of owner-cooks brought in the meat to the grill and basted it with barbecue sauce, as the cauldron emitted clouds of fragrant smoke. I admit that I really love roasted meats but by the time I got to the vendors they had run out of beef, which is what I wanted. I ended up getting barbecue pork ribs from another vendor, and a very tasty bowl of spinach with potatoes from his neighbor. I know I'm supposed to like light salads and raw vegetables and fruit and tofu, but this stuff...soul what satisfies me. I have to have grilled and stewed goodness at least once a month. 


Tristan Alexander said...

Hmmm, now you need to make it an actual Steam Punk thingy!

emikk said...

Are the foods there glutun free?