Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer at Starbucks

"Oriental" Art Deco is the style for my latest Starbucks coffee advertising board. Cool colors and a nocturnal theme, with the bright pink fruit drink in the center. I've been doing selected Starbucks boards for six years now. That's a lot of coffee consumed.

The iconic death of the pop icon has unleashed a pandemic of journobabble in which the words "icon" and "iconic" are used every other paragraph if not more often. Evidently no one sees this but me. But that seems to be my usual state of affairs when it comes to media.

I am leaving for a 10-day vacation in the lovely Appalachian mountains and will not be updating "Art By-Products" while I am away. I hope to return with lots of drawings and watercolors. Until then, enjoy the precious Summer.

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