Sunday, July 25, 2010

The ambition of a techno-mage

There he was, Mereth Kahn the architect and techno-mage, posing for publicity in the ruins of earthquake-stricken Eridu. He came there on his own, attaching himself to the Surakosan relief team, and performed heroically, using his powers to free people who were trapped in debris. But he also has great ambitions for Eridu. The ruined city, which was built with hardly any earthquake resistance, will need to be rebuilt. He intends to be chosen to do as much rebuilding as he can, making his mark as the premier architect of a new Eridu risen from the old ruins.

Mereth face, close up. It's one of my better digital portrait faces so far, though people often tell me that all my faces look alike, especially of good-looking men.

See my Noantri Weblog for more about the Eridanian earthquake, in the April postings.

Mereth's portrait is in Photoshop, original about 6" x 9 1/2", July 2010.

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