Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Co-worker color study

My co-workers are my models. Not models of behavior or achievement necessarily, but models for my artistic studies. I need to learn to render clothing, including ordinary current street clothing, in digital media. Since I cannot (at least for now) drag my laptop into a public place and sketch people, I commandeer my co-workers and have them pose for photographs which I will then render on Bizmac at home. You've seen this guy before, in my entry for June 11, 2010. This time I bypassed a pencil and ink sketch and did the entire thing in Photoshop with my tablet and stylus. It took more than 2 hours as I still don't have the skill, especially with the face. But I will get better at it. My intention is to be able to do character portraits and concept studies for games, books, comics, or whatever wants them.

My male co-workers pose. I don't ask my female co-workers to pose, even though there are quite a lot of really good-looking ones this summer. I don't want to be accused of harassment, even though I am only drawing clothed models. I will probably get some face shots anyway as I usually photograph each co-worker for "endorsements," where they have their photo and a personal note in front of a product they like. However, that bit of marketing seems to be out of fashion right now in our store. By the way the face on this figure is not a good likeness, so his identity is safely concealed.

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