Monday, July 19, 2010

Fauquier County Cottage

It may be only fifty miles from the center of Washington, DC, but this area of Fauquier County looks like the middle of rural nowhere. In between the big estates with the fancy horses and mansions are little crossroads with only a few buildings in them. Many of them count as towns, even if only a few dozen people live there. There's a general store, maybe a post office or an antique store, and some cars and trucks parked about. And there are a few residences too, like this cottage. I wouldn't mind living here, as long as I could completely re-do the interior and also have high speed internet. This is not going to happen, so I just draw a picture of the cottage and offer it on this nostalgic country fantasy blog post. Colored pencil on sketchbook page, 7" x 6".


Tristan Alexander said...

So why can't you move here, bad interior design can be fixed :)

Pyracantha said...

A city person moving to the country will encounter all sorts of cultural and practical problems. Besides, I'll never have the money to do anything like that. I hate the thought that I'll be living in a cluttered, dusty city apartment with a horde of neighbors for the rest of my life.