Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vineyard Porch

My region of Virginia is full of wineries. It's not Napa Valley, but it might be getting there. On free Saturdays, I go out into the countryside and find a winery. Vineyards are situated in beautiful places and often have patios and decks and porches where you can sit and drink wine. I take my sketchbook and colored pencils and do landscape drawings. Today's winery was the "Molon Lave" vineyard, a new establishment near Warrenton. "Molon Lave" is Greek for "Come and take them," a saying attributed to the leader of the Spartans during the battle of Thermopylae, when the Persian king ordered him to lay down his weapons. It's sort of a "bring it on" type of saying. The weather was brilliant, the wine was good, and I got to meet a lot of new people and families who were also there to sip and enjoy. "Molon Lave" is one of the few wineries in my part of Virginia which produces Mediterranean style wines, and they have a "sister" winery nearby called "Mediterranean Cellars," which will be one of my next destinations.

This drawing is in colored pencil, about 11" x 8", and was done on site, with a minimum of corrections back in the studio.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Great open air feel! But I guess wineries just don't apeal that much to me since, I never!