Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back from Retreat

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back from my religious retreat in Pennsylvania. I knew it would be a lot of work and my expectations were fulfilled. I am an administrator for this event and for the whole religious group. About 15 people attended and even that number needs administrative work. I also presented one of the program items, a talk on ambient music and how it can be used as background for rituals. I just didn't get much rest, which is what I really needed.

But the place that hosted us was a beautiful convent and estate in eastern Pennsylvania near Reading, hosted by Sisters. The place was filled with birds to watch, including domestic swans and Canada geese. I did get to do the drawing above, which depicts the view from my window and terrace. And I did as much birdwatching as I could, by myself and with a bird-loving friend. I would have liked to just sit out on this terrace and gaze into the forest and the ripples of the pond. On the left of the drawing you can see my sketchy rendering of a fountain which is in the middle of the pond and keeps the water moving so it won't get algae and mosquitoes.

I had discussions with friends about art and God and what God would approve of. As you know if you've read this journal recently, I would like to explore different and "darker" subject matter. Most people who like my art expect cheerful, colorful, pretty, uplifting angel figures and magic cities and orderly geometric abstractions. But I am sick of all that. I have seen too much stuff on deviantART done by fabulous artists that is not "uplifting." If I painted a picture of a monster, would that be Godly? I don't mean a cutesy monster, I mean a real horrific one. Maybe God wants only positive, uplifting, morally instructive art. The only reason to do a horrific picture, then, would be to teach people to do good works and behave well so they don't go to Hell.

I probably have said all this before so I'll just go back to posting pictures of nebulae or vineyards. I know God likes vineyards.

Drawing of terrace view is colored pencil, about 9" x 8".

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Tristan Alexander said...

Glad your back. Nice sketch. I will refrain from commenting on religion.