Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soft Nature

Nature in summer, here in this part of the USA, is sweet and generous and full of green growing things, even when it's over 100 degrees fahrenheit (about 38 degrees Celsius). A mist blurs the landscape and makes rich colors into soft pastel shades. You hear crickets chirping in the meadows and summer quiet blankets the world. That's what this Photoshop sketch is all about, precious summer, the only season in which I feel half-decent. And even better, I don't put any elf girls with long pointed ears and skimpy costumes into my picture. At least, not yet.

The By-Product will not appear for a few days because I am going on my annual retreat with my religious group, the Order of St. Michael. I'll be back, inshallah, on Monday 12 July.

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