Friday, September 17, 2010

Anthimia the Noantri Blogger

I haven't missed posting a By-Product for quite a while, but I didn't post yesterday because I had yet another internet failure. Lately my internet service has been completely shutting down for hours at a time. I finally convinced the provider to send one of their technicians out and he will be visiting on Saturday. By the time the signal came back I was too involved in other tasks to do a posting.

Today's entry is yet another portrait and architectural study from my Noantri world. Judging from the lack of comments, there seems to be a stunning absence of reader interest in Noantriworld. Therefore I will continue posting Noantri stuff because I am supposed to love obscurity.

The lady in this portrait is Anthimia, a journalist and editor working for the Nouergic Institute at Surakosai. The main building of the Institute, known as the "Castle," is behind her. Anthimia doesn't have any techno-mage powers of her own, but she writes about those who do. She also writes about social and scientific issues, and about the different countries and cities she travels to. During Noantri New Earth year 224-225, (corresponding to our 2004-2005) she kept a journal (a blog) of her travels and adventures, as well as plenty of gossip about the people in the Institute. The journal ended after a year, when the Director of the Institute requested that she stop publishing because her detailed writing could be a security risk.

I have the manuscript of the complete "Year with Anthimia," and it runs to about 250 pages. Since it is episodic, descriptive, and gossipy, rather than action and plot-driven, I've never submitted it to a publisher or any reader other than a few friends. It remains in my archives, a lively portrayal of one well-connected writer's life in the alternate world of the Noantri.

"Anthimia" is an ink drawing, colored in Corel Painter 7, about 2004.


Tristan Alexander said...

This is very nice and I love all the stuff about your world! I did not comment on the last one cause of it's digital nature and I just didn't have anything useful to say about it.
(And you haven't commented on my stuff in a while, so don't feel like you are the only one!)

Rae Trigg said...

Now that I'm on a real computer: I like reading about your Noantri world. You've created a detailed society, including people, places, and events. I just don't tend to comment mostly because I often don't think to.