Sunday, September 26, 2010

Barrel Oak Autumn

Another "wine Saturday" brought me to the Barrel Oak Winery, only about an hour's drive from my residence. This is a relatively new winery, only two years old, but the wine is already quite good and the facilities are excellent. The winery's owner, Brian Roeder, was once a builder so the architecture is a feature there. The acronym of the winery is "B.O.W." and they are all about the puns. They love dogs, so it's "Bow-Wow" wine tasting and snacks. In fact it was "invite your dog" day when I went so there were canines everywhere. And then there are the "BOW" House abstract art wine labels, done by Brian's brother. As in "Bauhaus," the early twentieth-century utopian artistic movement. I contributed to "Bow-House" by doing this sketch at one of the many outdoor tables on a brilliant day. Some autumn color has already come to Virginia, and the grapes are being harvested right now. My drawing makes the place look deserted but the place was filled with noisy people cheered by sunlight and wine.

Drawing is in colored pencil, 7" x 6", September 25, 2010.

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