Thursday, September 2, 2010

Taris: The original building site

Returning to the world of the Noantri, this scene is in the deserts of Khemi. This rocky outcrop overlooks a chasm which is a stone quarry. Khemi, the land of the Khemaru, exports building stone all over the settled world. At the base of the quarry is a tributary of the great river Yama. Stone from the quarry is put on small barges and floated out to the main river system, where it is shipped to port.

This is the territory chosen by the architectural family Khan for their country estate. The site you see here was unoccupied until Mereth Kahn, techno-mage and architect, re-created it by the use of nouergic force and modern construction. On his family's land, he built fabulous residences not only for his parents and their staff, but for himself. The whole complex is known as "Taris," which means "Place of Light."

This is the site for Mereth's private home. In the next installments of this sequence, you'll see how the building progressed.

Photoshop, about 3 3/4" x 1".

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