Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Branch, Tennessee

During my recent trip I visited Tennessee as well as Virginia. When I got tired on the road I would take any exit, just to stop for a while and see what was beyond the highway. One exit led me to Fall Branch, a historic little town in northeastern Tennessee. It was Sunday and the town was deserted. In Tennessee everyone goes to church on Sunday and then spends the rest of the day at home with family. At least that's what the custom is, I don't know what really happens. While parked in a (deserted) parking lot, I did these quick sketches of buildings along the town's main street. I'm sure someone was watching me, but no one came out to confront or talk with me. After I finished the drawings and rested up, I was back on the road and I may never see Fall Branch again, unless I consciously decide to.

You may notice (probably not) that this entry has been posted rather late in the evening on September 6. That is because for whatever reason, my Internet connection disappeared last night. I was glad to find it returned when I got back from work in the evening. As a good blogger, I want to put up a posting every night, so this is September 6 and I will post again after midnight on September 7.

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