Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wine Festival Crowd

I visited "Great Grapes," a wine festival in Reston, Virginia on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny and winey. People milled around the wine tasting tables. There were food and trinket and craft vendors, too. I found the tasting setup for the Davis Valley Winery, which I visited in August. I find their wines outstanding, even the reds which are hard for Virginia winemakers to get right. I bought a bottle of one of their lighter reds. I am now thinking of what to cook which will go well with this wine.

The top drawing shows the people gathering for tasting at Davis Valley's tent top pavilion. The bottom drawing shows the plastic archway shelter, under which a rock band hacks out covers of everyone's greatest hits.

Pitt black drawing pen on sketchbook page, about 10" x 7". Click on image for a larger view.


Stacie said...

I absolutely LOVE your sketches! I live down the street from Reston Town Center. You did an amazing job of capturing its "feel" during a festival-type event.

Pyracantha said...

Stacie: Thanks for your comments! I visit Reston often and would like to spend more time sketching there. I love the modern architecture and the big plaza in the center. The restaurants are good too!

I'm so glad you visited "Art By-Products" and I hope you come back soon and often.