Friday, September 10, 2010

Maintenance Machines

There's a road off Leesburg Pike near Falls Church which I have frequented for years because it is where the neighborhood recycling bins are. This is an industrial area and it abounds in interesting things to draw. I've drawn most of the buildings, along with the iconic "Sheet Metal Cowboy" and the historic "Home Paramount Exterminators." But after I dropped the recycling into the bin today, I drew another sight on the street, the shed housing Falls Church maintenance machines. This is where they keep snowplow trucks and earth movers and diggers. I love this sort of machine and I've done many drawings of them. There they sit in the quiet September sun, awaiting the...arggh...hard work of....winter....Note the rainwater collection gutters leading into the tank at the side of the shed.

Pen on sketchbook paper, about 11" x 7".

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