Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bagels and Autumn Lunch

As promised I'm posting from my hotel room at my stop-off place in New Jersey. Before I left Falls Church I stopped by Mena's sandwich and donut shop for a send-off bagel. Thus I was able to take this picture of my newly re-decorated sign. Through the marvels of modern technology I processed the picture and am posting it right here from my laptop through wi fi. I don't take this for granted. But other people are already posting from their thought-directed, inner/holographic visualization headsets while they are on the supersonic jet flight to Tokyo to dance with genius-intelligent, empathic robot babes. You won't get those in New Jersey for a long time to come.

Tomorrow I head for New England which is full of colorful leaves. What would Norman Rockwell do if he had to use Photoshop for his illustrations? Maybe I'll find out.

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