Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Girl Faces

My latest art quest may look stupid to you, but it's important to me. I feel I need to re-learn to draw faces, heads, and figures. None of the figures or faces I have ever done look right to me and so I am trying again to draw them using instruction books for beginners. The girls you see are done according to the proportions set out by my instruction book. The reason they all look rather prim and expressionless is because I don't know how to do facial expressions yet, the book will show me later on. And if they all look alike, it's because I'm working to a formula. I added a bit of character in the upper row, especially the face in the upper right which is modeled on a Hollywood diva actress from the 1930s.

Right now I don't feel confident doing any art, other than the commercial and architectural stuff I always do. But I am still determined to be an illustrator again. I will eventually have to work these figures and faces into highly realistic digital paintings and that is another major learning project. In the next couple of sessions I might learn to make the girls smile.

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