Friday, October 15, 2010

Wine house Drawing

This is the only thing I am really good at drawing. If it's a building, I can depict it in loving detail. This is a real building, the tasting shed and party area at "Naked Mountain" vineyard and winery. The owners requested that I do a portrait of their building, since it is about to be remodeled. What you see here is a black and white drawing (actually, there are little bits of color as indications) which will be colored in with watercolor. When it's done I will frame it and present it to the vineyard owners. They are paying me in wine, and a bit of publicity since this will be placed on the wall for the wine-sippers to see.

Base sketch for Naked Mountain Wine House, ink on Fabriano illlustration board, 14" x 11".

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Tristan Alexander said...

It is not the only thing you are good at drawing, but it is VERY nice! Congrats on haveing them ask you to do this. Hope it brings you more commissions!