Friday, October 29, 2010

The parents' door

I didn't post yesterday due to circumstances I won't go into, here. But I am now in New Jersey on my way back to the DC area from Massachusetts, and there's hotel internet, and my little laptop can process stuff in Photoshop, so here's a post. This is a drawing of the front door to my parents' house, looking out from the den. The glass-fronted cabinet to the right is filled with cups and glasses. In the foreground you can see part of a couch, with a round cushion on it and a gift bag (containing some of my mother's birthday presents). The scrollwork on the glass door frame is old rusty aluminum but is original to the house from the mid 50s when it was built. Outside the door you can see wind chimes hanging from the eaves and a hanging planter. Our family belongs to a very recognizable American subculture of artsy Northeastern intellectuals, if you know this type you immediately will know what I am talking about. If I were an interior designer I would love to restore this house to a fresh re-envisioning of "Mid-Century Modern" but that is not going to happen. This visit has been very difficult for me.

Drawing is Pitt drawing pen on sketchbook paper, about 7" x 7". Photographed with my digital camera and then cleaned up in Photoshop from shadows and distortion. No scanner necessary! Some greyscale tone added, also in Photoshop.

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