Friday, October 22, 2010

More Fashion Faces

I'm continuing with practice in pretty girl faces with Chris Hart's book "Figure It Out." These are commercial art and fashion faces, not the gloomy portraits of fine art. My friends gave me a book packed with pin-ups, my current art fascination. I found a lot of artists I had never heard of before, such as Fritz Willis, whose sophisticated fashion-oriented pin-up girls were part of that mid-century look (there I am again in Mid-Century Modern territory). No matter whether it is politically or feministically incorrect, I think pin-up girl art is fun. I copied some faces from Fritz Willis paintings.

Working with commercial art models rather than fine art models (I am using "model" here not as the posing art model but as a mode of working and a style of image) is a new approach for me. Whatever training I have has been in the rigorous and ultraserious world of fine art. Building from cartoon sketches rather than anatomically and perspectively correct life studies is new to me. I'll see (and you will too, I hope) how this will work out.

Here is a selection of fashion faces from my work with the Hart book and from the pin-up collection. Plain old pencil on sketchbook paper.

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