Thursday, October 14, 2010

PInk Gas

I'm running out of these space pictures, I only have a few more to digitize. Then I will thankfully move on to digitizing other vintage art pieces of mine. At the moment I feel not able to do any art especially art involving images of people. Some artists who specialize in environments or architecture get away with simply not working with human images but I would regard that as a cop-out for me.

I am facing a problem that plagues me in other learning situations. I will try to define it here. If I am learning something, do I have to start from the absolute beginning each time I try to learn it again? As some longtime readers of this blog (two of you, hi there) know, in 2008 I did yet another attempt to learn to draw human figures. I may have produced a few half-decent drawings though none of them were from life, only photographs. Now I'm trying again to learn to draw human faces and figures, as if I had never drawn them before. Does that mean I have to avoid drawing them until I am up to speed with the new method?

I know this probably sounds absurd to you. But learning for me is a Sisyphean task of trying to keep learning while I forget an increasing amount of stuff I need to know. And a book I've recently read, "Bounce" by Matthew Syed, states that in order to truly get good at something, you need to have put in 10,000 hours of challenging, learning practice. I worked that out on my calculator. If I spend 2 hours a day practicing drawing human figures, and I don't drop it too many days, it will take me about 13 years to put in my 10,000 hours. So I'll see you with some really nice, beautifully rendered digital pin-up 2023.

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